Natural Arched Eyebrow Stamp


  • Feature : Waterproof ,Long-lasting, natural, Easy to Wear.
  • How to use: 1. Take out the brow stamp, press it on the eyebrow powder box, then friction it from left to right until the stamp is full of the powder. 2. Position the stamp at your brow bone to determine placement. And then gently placehe stamp against the skin and press. 3.Touch up if needed.
  • Small, Easy to Carry: The dimensions of the box only 9*5.2*0.8cm, can be placed in pockets and bag.
  • Multi-Purpose: Can thrush makeup, eyeshadow, block defect of the face.Suitable for different occasions, perfect for party makeup/ casual makeup/ wedding makeup, etc.
  • Perfect for those who are always messed up when brushing and coloring eyebrow,suitable for beginners.Note: Trim your eyebrows before use for better results.